Digital Seed: FAQs

Questions About Content

If I am interested in digitizing my learning content how do I get started?

Since everyone’s content is different, simply contact us directly and we will answer your specific questions.

How can you help me develop community around my learning content?

Through our experience in building social software tools and conducting numerous live workshops, meetings and seminars, we understand what draws people together and what keeps them apart, both online and off. We know what technology can do to hinder or enhance community building efforts. We also recognize that community-building is an intensive and involved process that cannot be done with software alone. We will conduct an assessment of your specific situation before providing recommendations, but be prepared to do the necessary work to stay involved in your community and keep your content fresh.

Do I have to have video and audio already completed before I start?

Though it’s not necessary, we highly recommend that you have your content planned and ready. Any content that you have already produced can be easily integrated into the Digital Seed system. Our consulting team can help answer any educational design questions you may have, and our technical team can help you ensure that your audio and video is in the best formats and quality for inclusion in the system.

If I have a course that I currently teach in person, will eLuminate help me digitize it and make it ready for web-based delivery?

Of course! Our consulting team can help you assess your existing materials and design your online learning modules appropriately.

Can I add quizzes and tests to Digital Seed?

Digital Seed has been specifically designed for the delivery of soft-skills learning content, so quizzes and tests are intentionally not supported. Instead, we offer a self-assessment system that you and your learners can use to gauge understanding and progress.

What is the best content to include in my learning module(s)?

Practically any content can be converted and included — recorded audio or video of live sessions, book excerpts, worksheets, creative video pieces and poetry, music, etc. What is most important is to clearly understand the desired outcomes of your learning program and work backwards from there. Once your objectives are clear, any print, video, audio, can be converted to the necessary digital formats.

Questions About Software and Technical Issues

How much does it cost to purchase your software? Do I pay by the number of users or is there an annual cost?

Please contact us so that we can provide you with a quote.

Is Digital Seed an LMS (Learning Management System)?

Yes. Digital Seed is an LMS, but unlike most other LMS’s, Digital Seed is designed first and foremost around user experience and community, not content management.

Does Digital Seed support the SCORM standard?

No. It is our intention to keep Digital Seed focused on content and user experience, not necessarily complying with standards that don’t directly benefit the end user. Digital Seed has a full, backend content management system that makes it easy for you to upload, change and manage your content. However, we are committed to learning first, and content management second.

Will I be able to update my content once it’s loaded into the system?

Of course! You can easily change text, titles, descriptions and re-upload any learning content from the content management back-end.

Does Digital Seed require installation on my computer?

There is nothing to install on your computer since our entire application is browser-based. That being said, you and your learners will need the Flash 9 (or better) plug-in installed on your computer, and a relatively modern web browser like Firefox or Internet Explorer 6. Most computer users are familiar with and/or already have Flash installed, and if not, we make it easy to download and upgrade as necessary.

What version of Flash Player do I need to have to access Digital Seed?

Digital Seed requires the Flash 9 player or higher.