Digital Seed: An Overview

Digital Seed germinated in the creative business minds of a close-knit team of software design, human growth, and marketing experts.

For most training organizations, management consultants, and published authors or speakers trying to take their ideas and wisdom to an online learning environment, existing e-learning systems just don’t work. They’re either too costly, too difficult to setup and maintain, too difficult to use, too boring, or some unfortunate combination of the above.

That’s why we created Digital Seed. The idea behind Digital Seed germinated in the creative business minds of a few software designers and management training professionals who were looking for an easy way to create immersive, transformative learning experiences in a hybrid (online/offline) learning environment, but found that no such tool existed.


Digital Seed For Businesses and Learning Organizations

Training and educating your organization’s rising leaders can be a costly and time-consuming process. But creating a culture of continuous learning, growth and opportunity is absolutely essential to your success and your ability to retain your best people. Digital Seed makes it easy to train and educate your management in a flexible and cost-effective format. And, better yet, with it’s hybrid (offline/online) approach, it also helps you create cohesive teams committed to learning and organizational transformation in the process.

  • Create committed and supportive teams centered on personal growth, learning and leadership development
  • Make organization-wide learning fun, exciting and easily accessible
  • Open conversation and build inter-generational community between Generation X, Generation Y and Baby Boomers
  • Lower your learning and training costs

Digital Seed for Learning Content Creators

Our web-based software puts you face to face with the most important person on the planet: your customer. But who wants to be in two places at once when you could be in a thousand places at once? Finally, you can present your content to any audience, anywhere, any time, in any format that they want. Whether itís print, audio, video, online, or any combination of multimedia you can imagine, Digital Seed helps you tell your story and sell your story.

  • Build a loyal community around your learning content, books, and seminars
  • Engage in direct discussion with clients and customers to understand what they want most
  • Lower your marketing costs
  • Deliver your content anywhere around the globe, 24/7


Interested in learning more?
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