eLuminate: About Us

We are eLuminate, the creators of Digital Seed. We began as a father and son team focusing on being the best we could be at helping organizations and individuals make positive transformation through our consulting and coaching services. We have since evolved into a team of professionals dedicated to helping create brighter people and brighter futures with the aid of new learning and knowledge management technologies.


Our team consists of technology experts, instructional designers, graphic designers and marketing people — all instrumental in helping bring our vision to life. Here’s a list of just a few of the people you may end up talking to when working with us:

  • Greg Voisen — Chief Visionary and Co-founder
  • Sean Voisen — Chief Product Design and Development Guy, Co-founder
  • Francesca San Diego — Resident Financial Wizard and Strategist
  • Jennifer Godbout — Chief Operations Manager
  • Daniel Wanja — Software Engineering Lead
  • Lee Marlow — Software Engineering Lead
  • Dolores Joya — Art Director, Chief Pixel Pusher
  • Steve Dahl — Marketing Wiz and Resident Wordsmith

Our Philosophy

In addition to being passionate about learning, we're also passionate about sustainability. We believe that the process of bringing humanity and technology together can be done in an eco-friendly manner. There should not be a “high cost of doing business” to our ecosystem or the people within it when technology, business, and the environment are equally respected.

Digital Seed is a multimedia-rich learning platform where the digital world meets the organic world. Here you’ll find innovative learning technology that inspires and educates clients and employees, just as it enhances and protects the environment and ultimately unites our global community. It is this philosophy that is helping to create eco-literate leadership for a sustainable global business environment.